Time-saving product ranges from LINIAN

LINIAN Clips offers fast, safe, and simple solutions to suit thousands of different cable types...

LINIAN creates innovative and easy to install products that can save time, money, and lives. Its range of quick install, regulation compliant cable clips includes the LINIAN FireClip, the original single component fire-rated fixing. It also comprises the SuperClip, for SWA cables, bunched cables and conduit, the T&E Clip for flat twin, cpc cabling and trunking, and the Coaxial Clip for CCTV, AV, and Satellite TV installations.

At the end of last year, the company welcomed new Head of Sales UK & Ireland, Alex Garami to the team. Alex is leading LINIAN’s sales force, heading a newly founded sales department within LINIAN Headquarters, Glasgow.

Linian Alex Garami – Head of Sales UK & Ireland, LINIAN.

Speaking about Alex’s appointment, LINIAN CEO Ian Arbuckle commented: “We are very
much looking forward to having Alex on board and are excited to see progress when he brings his skills to this key role here at LINIAN.”
Speaking about LINIAN’s early days, Ian said: “Before we founded LINIAN, our family business was in Electrical Wholesale and my parents, Jean and Wes, ran P&I Supplies, an independent wholesaler in Glasgow for over 30 years.” Growing up in the electrical industry, Ian went on to become an electrician, project manager and electrical design engineer.

LINIAN’s first-ever product, the FireClip was developed when a P&I Supplies customer approached Ian’s father, Wes, looking for a safe and easy solution for fixing cables. This is
how the idea for a new company, LINIAN (named after Ian and his sister, Lynne)
was born. “We would not only help people find solutions, we would create them!” added Ian.

In 2021, LINIAN launched the NanoClip, the company’s first innovation, to order range designed fibre cables and other small diameter cables. The NanoClip achieved a Professional Electrician & Installer Top Product Award 2021.

LINIAN now has over 115 cable fixing products ensuring fast, safe, and simple solutions to suit thousands of different cable types, with no need for screws, plugs, cleats, or shot-fired clips. LINIAN also produces innovative solutions for rapid Earth Rod installation, ideal for
EV charging units, and their range is expanding to include solutions for the plumbing and DIY installer.

To book your wholesaler, visit or speak with Alex about LINIAN’s fast-moving product ranges, contact him via email at alex@linianclip.co.uk