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Arc flash incidents are amongst the leading causes of injury and death to electrical workers. By wearing the correct flame-resistant Arc clothing the severity of injury can be reduced.

Arc flash can occur in any industry where electrical equipment is being worked on or operated. Consequences can be catastrophic for workers and businesses alike and it is therefore vital that adequate risk control is in place. This includes ensuring that all personnel working in, or near, risk areas are wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Ennis Safety Wear Ltd is a supplier of fire-resistant, antistatic and Arc workwear, with a vast range of products available to meet your operational and legal requirements. 

High visibility clothing 
Where high visibility is required for your work environment and for a multitude of other reasons, this type of workwear is of great importance.

Ennis Safety Wear specialises in high visibility clothing including waterproofs, jackets, trousers, coveralls, t-shirts/polo shirts and more.

The most obvious reason for high visibility clothing is safety. High visibility clothing has been proven to prevent accidents and fatalities in potentially dangerous environments. If you’re wearing high visibility then your colleagues know where you are. That means they won’t accidentally pour the cement where you’re working or run you over with the forklift.

The high visibility of this type of clothing will also make it easier to spot someone who shouldn’t be on site and take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. It’s easier to identity staff members on site working with people from different sectors.

Regulations are in place to ensure that personal safety in the workplace is prioritised, as potential hazards can cause serious harm or injury. Safeguarding with appropriate workwear such as high visibility clothing can be a legal requirement in most places of work and is vital to ensuring safe working conditions.

By ensuring your workforce wears high visibility workwear, it shows your company is serious about its safety, that you are reliable, trustworthy and also responsible.

High visibiity jackets are not only good for visibility, they’re waterproof and will keep you warm while being seen during the winter months. In summer, high visibility T-shirts keep you cool but seen. 

Stay safe and be seen in Ennis Safety Workwear.

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