Snickers – more than just workwear

Hultafors Group/Snickers Workwear offers a dynamic range of premium brands for Craftspeople to rely on...

Hultafors Group/Snickers Workwear offers a dynamic range of premium brands for craftspeople to rely on. Each brand represents expertise in its particular area and brings unparalleled knowledge and insight into the unique on-the-job challenges encountered by craftspeople. This makes it possible to meet, even anticipate, evolving demands by designing innovative state-of-the-art products that make a workday safer, easier and more productive. 

Snickers Workwear
When Snickers Workwear started over 40 years ago it invented the very concept of modern workwear. Since then, the real needs of professional users have been the starting point for its product developments, pushing the company forward.

The story of Snickers Workwear began in 1975, when an electrician named Matti Viio lost his cool because his work clothes simply weren’t good enough. Several times he had suggested modifications to the clothes he had to work in, but no-one listened. 

Finally, he took the matter in his own hands and designed his own workwear. 

Snickers Workwear has been leading the way with pioneering workwear ever since. Today, it is one of the leading brands in the industry in Europe and is represented in more than 20 countries.

Snickers Workwear combines advanced design with superior functionality, comfort, protection and durability, and all with the aim of making the professional life of hard-working craftspeople easier, safer and more productive. 

Toe Guard
Toe Guard safety footwear is developed to deliver ultimate performance and protection, high-durability and classic, timeless designs, while always keeping safety a top priority. At Toe Guard this means that all product development starts with the professional user in mind. Each shoe and boot isdesigned to meet the demands for durability, comfort and protection that comply with European standards.

Solid Gear
Solid Gear offers protective footwear, determined to be at the forefront when it comes to materials and design. Quality is never compromised, ensuring performance through innovation. Already with its first protective shoe, Snickers Workwear demonstrated how thoughtful design, advanced materials and new technologies can revolutionise entire product categories. 

EMMA safety footwear
EMMA always likes to take it a step further than just designing and producing shoes. At the moment, the company is making revolutionary safety footwear for nine selected industries as well as offering a business range which also features handmade design shoes. EMMA safety shoes are made for intensive use and have an unprecedented long-life span. The supple full grain leather has a superior fit, ensuring optimal comfort. 

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Ear, eye and face protection
Since 1962, Hellberg Safety has been dedicated to bringing you the best hearing protection and face protection products. 

Its dedication means that they not only know all about safety, but also know that product design and technology are equally important in order to maintain safety. It doesn’t matter how good the protection is if it is not comfortable on your head or if it stops you from hearing or seeing what you need to hear and see. It must feel perfect, because protective equipment is useless if it is not used. 

All Hellberg products are user-friendly, so you can enjoy peace of mind amid all the disturbance and noise at the worksite, while also getting the peace of mind generated from hard work during the workday and beyond. 

CLC Workwear
For over 30 years, CLC Work Gear is known for both heavy duty products made with great attention to detail, as well as anticipating the needs of professionals with innovative solutions, such as tool backpacks with built-in lamps so contents can be easily accessed in low light work situations, and built-in chargers for multiple devices. In addition, it now has a range for toolbelts available.

CLC’s motto is ‘Think outside the toolbox’, and that means listening, finding out how customers work, understanding exactly what they need and then creating products that deliver in every way.

For over 130 years, Hultafors has been developing innovative tools to rely on, in every situation. Its product range offers a wide selection of reliable hand tools for measuring, marking, cutting, striking and levelling as well as pry and wrecking bars. Developing new products is what drives Hultafors and, when the company believe in an idea, 100% is given. The result is a range of tools that deliver the best possible function, reliability and precision – tools you can rely on in all situations, every day.