Smart lighting made easy

Controls are the future of energy efficiency – fact. Advanced technologies and smart controls have revolutionised modern-day lighting, creating infinite possibilities when it comes to domestic and commercial installations. However, the level of sophistication involved can seem daunting, with both installers and end-users very often overawed by the challenge.

Thankfully, Fantasy Lights Group has addressed this problem and devised a new hands-on training programme, that contractors and their clients can access at its showroom and Training Centre complex in Walkinstown, Dublin 12.

There are a number of cutting-edge apps that can be twinned with lighting installations and control systems and, while simple to operate once familiar, are nonetheless difficult to get to grips with initially.

The new Fantasy Lights Group training modules help installers overcome this barrier. They cover not just the technology and design concepts, but also what best suits different types of installations. Moreover, they are delivered in conjunction with live, hands-on demonstrations, where installers can see first-hand how the controls work.

Apart from gaining a better understanding of the fundamentals of modern-day controls and management apps, contractors also learn how to carry out the actual installation, thereby ensuring fail-safe operation. As an added feature, contractors can also get their clients on to a training module once the project is commissioned. This minimises costly callouts as it helps eliminate operational disruption caused by clients not fully understanding how to use the control app.

Apart from standard training modules for contractors and clients, Fantasy Lights Group can also deliver tailored modules designed to suit a specific installation, project or client’s requirements.

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