Smart charging solution trial planned

The UK’s first-ever trial of a market- led approach to smart charging electric vehicles is set to get underway.

An electric car in charging on the street

Launched by UK Power Networks, the innovative trial called Shift, will see up to 1,000 electric vehicle owners offered financial incentives to charge their vehicle off-peak. It is estimated that charging electric vehicles could add significant demand to the local electricity network.

The options are either to spend customers’ money on building new infrastructure to meet this increasing demand or to charge in a smarter way to avoid it. Customers and the wider EV industry have told electricity networks that they are strongly in favour of giving people choice about how and when they charge.

Shift is hoping to answer questions such as how smart charging could unlock the financial, environmental and social benefits of customers charging their electric vehicle during off-peak hours.

The trial aims to develop a large- scale, smart charging solution that can be rolled out nationwide by flexibility service providers.