Peamount Hospital, Newcastle, Co.Dublin

A coordinated approach helped Mac Electrics deliver a complex project at Peamount Hospital, Newcastle, County Dublin...

With years of experience in the healthcare sector, MAC Electrics was well up to the task of delivering the full electrical services package at the new 100-bedroom unit at Peamount Hospital. Externally, the new build facility required a new car park and a new sensory garden with external lights.

The internal package included electrical services for a two-storey, 100 bedroom treatment facility with pharmaceutical and catering facilities throughout. Specialist systems included LV Switchgear, UPS, generator, nurse call systems, bedhead trunking services with medical gases and life safety systems including fire alarms and security and emergency lighting. Even for a firm as experienced as MAC Electrics, this was a significant project.

“We were delighted to be involved in such a project, the finishes and design were excellent throughout. The programme was around 12 months which was intensive but nonetheless achievable. The main contractor Duggan Brothers did a great job keeping it all moving in an efficient manner. We enjoyed the challenge of integrating all safety and monitoring systems together,” said Philip McBirney, Operations Director at MAC Electrics.

Peamount is a large healthcare campus with many existing buildings which are all fully occupied. It was our job to make sure none of these were disrupted during the new works and that all new systems seamlessly integrated. The building consists of 100 bedrooms plus 40-50 communal rooms. Within each bedroom you have so many services. Everything has to fit in together so there was a lot of coordination required at every stage. We also had to ensure that the BMS and the mechanical dependencies were included in this coordination process.”

MAC Electric’s core project base covers the education and healthcare industries. We have vast experience across the sector. Previous healthcare projects we have worked on include, Our Lady of Lourdes Drogheda, Craigavon Hospital and the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast. So we already had the experience but this project probably included the widest scope of works ”

An experienced and motivated team at MAC Electrics ensured each deadline was met. “Duggan Brothers, the main contractor, managed the entire project very well. This enabled us to move forward and complete our job on time. At the end of the day, if the building wasn’t ready for us we couldn’t move on to our next task.”

Mac Electrics and Duggan Brothers have had previous experience working together. “This was our second or third job with them so we knew what to expect. They’re an extremely efficient and experienced firm, they got their work done quickly and to a high standard which in turn enabled all other disciplines to complete their works without any issues ”

Working in a live healthcare environment requires a certain set of considerations from all teams involved in the build process. “Even though this was a new build, we had to be conscious that we were working in a live campus environment. Liaising with the staff and pre-planning were key to meeting those requirements.”

The new unit at Peamount Hospital is a worthy addition to MAC Electric’s already impressive portfolio. “We were delighted to work on this project and to once again work with Duggan Brothers. We look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Mac Electrics Ltd, Unit 43 – Armagh Business Centre, Loughgall Road, Armagh, BT61 7NH. T: 0044 (0)28 3752 4007

With extensive experience in the healthcare sector, Eclipse Controls was the ideal choice when it came to supplying the lighting control system for the Peamount Hospital project. The company was responsible for the design, supply and commissioning of a Philips Dynalite networked lighting control system for all of the front of house areas at the new project such as corridors, living spaces etc. The project also included occupancy control, daylight harvesting and scene setting for the dining and living areas.

Eclipse Controls is the only certified value-added partner for Philips Dynalite lighting control solutions in Ireland. With a full training facility and showrooms in our Cork office, Eclipse Controls has a vast level of knowledge in building control systems in all areas from residential and small commercial to large scale office and industrial projects.

“We’re the only agent in Ireland for the Dynalite system and we’ve also worked with MAC Electrics on several projects in the past so that’s why we were approached to design, supply and commission a suitable system. Our aim with the system was to offer maximum functionality and usability to the client,” said Paul Williams, Managing Director at Eclipse Controls.

There are several benefits to installing the Philips Dynalite system. The system’s controls allow the user to create ambience and recall different lighting scenes to suit your mood and the occasion. All the lights and system components can be configured, controlled and monitored from any point on the network and generate system status reports. In addition, the DyNet system is easier to install and takes less time to configure than conventional systems. By using intelligent lighting systems, lighting is only used when needed while natural light is harvested and supplementary lighting adjusted accordingly, resulting in optimised environmental performance and minimized operating and maintenance costs.

An excellent working relationship with MAC Electrics helped ensure the process of commissioning the Philips Dynalite lighting control system went smoothly. “We’ve worked with MAC Electrics on projects in the past. We have a really good relationship and that helped ensure there were no issues on site. They’ve never had any problems with either the system or our services and that has stood to us.”

Eclipse Controls, Unit 4, Carrigaline Industrial Estate, Crosshaven Rd, Carrigaline, Co. Cork.
T: 00353 (0)21 2355714

When it comes to cable management and containment at healthcare facilities, Unitrunk has specialist experience, having provided large amounts of containment at the Omagh Hospital & Primary Care Complex.

Electrical Contractor, MAC Electrics turned to Unitrunk’s Lisburn branch to provide professional solutions at the new 100-bedroom unit at Peamount Hospital.

An intricate and complex project like Peamount Hospital required an extremely high standard of services but Unitrunk was more than up to the task when providing trunking solutions.

This project involved a quick turnaround which demanded extremely high levels of planning and precision workmanship.

“Unitrunk provided the primary containment throughout, with baskets and trays also supplied,” said MAC Electrics, Operations Director, Philip McBirney.

“We use Unitrunk a lot because they are very reliable and the products they use really are top quality. They always deliver on jobs no matter what difficulties they encounter.

“Whether it is industrial, commercial or retail, Unitrunk always provides the products to fit the job.

“The products they used on the Peamount Hospital project complemented the job very well.”

Unitrunk has been providing total cable management solutions to the construction industry for over 50 years. Products supplied by the company include standard trunking, speedway ladders, cable trays, cable baskets, floor trunking and steel conduits. The company prides itself on unrivalled customer service which will, says Unitrunk, continue for the next 50 years and beyond.

Long service employees have made a huge contribution to the company’s success which wouldn’t have been possible without their dedication and unrivalled knowledge.

“We harness the power safely for you so you have the confidence that our products meet and surpass all relevant standards through our in-house manufacturing to ISO 9001: 2015 and CE Accreditation,” said Ivan Major, Sales Manager, Unitrunk.

“We have also successfully achieved ISO 14001:2015 Environmental accreditation as well as OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety accreditation. These three elements make up our Business Management System which we use as a vehicle to drive continuous improvement and integrate our consistent best practices throughout the group.

“Unitrunk also holds the Achilles TransQ accreditation (Certificate no. 22992), UVDB accreditation (Certificate no. 092618) and the RISQS accreditation for the rail industry (Certificate no. 2481).”

T: 0044 (0)28 9262 5100

Synergy Medical has been providing high quality healthcare solutions to the industry since 2008. The company’s expertise was called upon for the Peamount Hospital project, a complex job that required a suite of state-of-the-art technology.

The company supplied the industry-leading Schrack Seconet fully IP nurse call system along with Cableflow International Medical Supply Units. As the leading supplier of these systems in Ireland, Synergy Medical was delighted to be associated with a prestigious project like Peamount Hospital.

Schrack Seconet is a global leader in the manufacture of fully IP nurse call systems. Based in Vienna, the brand has become the leading nurse call system in Ireland. Projects such as the National Children’s Hospital, National Rehabilitation Hospital and the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast are all benefitting from this cutting-edge technology. Developing fully single-bed nursing facilities is a major step forward for Irish healthcare, but it does provide challenges for nursing staff. As all rooms are single occupancy, there’s a danger that staff can become isolated. It is therefore vital that the nurse call system provides an effective means of delivering the calls into the room where the staff are located. The Schrack Seconet KMT Room Terminal provides this functionality as well as allowing staff to speak directly to patients to reassure them that a staff member is on their way. The KMT also allows staff to triage a patient call, and if necessary, bring a request such as a bed pan or water with them to the room, thus increasing efficiency.

Due to the nature of the fully IP Schrack Seconet system, it lends itself to efficiencies. On the Peamount project, for example, the IP nurse call system has been leveraged to provide a cost- free infrastructure for the distribution of IP TV. Synergy Medical Systems provided a set of IPTV digitisers at the nurse call headend which formatted the incoming DVB-T& DVB-S signals into MPEG 4 for transmission over the nurse call IP network.

Another interesting feature permitted by the fully IP nature of the Schrack Seconet product is the ability of the system to connect directly to the IP Telephony PBX, which then allows the handset to become a phone extension. This allows a very cost- effective way for family members to call directly to the patient bedside without costly telephone infrastructure and reception staff routing.

It’s not only staff and patients who will benefit from the Schrack Seconet installation. Maintenance staff will find that the true plug-and-play nature of the system makes maintenance a breeze. Devices on the system which are damaged can be replaced without the need of any tools. Simply unclip the damaged device, remove the RJ45 connection, replace with the new device, and the system will automatically find and program the new device.

The open protocol of the IP infrastructure ensures that the system is ready for further expansion or, more vitally, for integration into future smart technologies such as wearables and smart devices. By adding software, the system will send customisable alerts to smart devices carried by nursing, maintenance or security staff, allowing much greater efficiency and reducing alarm fatigue.

Cableflow is the leading manufacturer of medical bedhead trunking systems in the UK and Ireland. With an extensive product range and the technical and manufacturing ability to provide bespoke solutions, Cableflow has become a first choice for design teams and contractors alike. Within each single bedroom, Cableflow has provided the Medisys M13 Integra products which provide an integrated bedhead light alongside all required patient and nursing services. Since Synergy Medical Systems provides a complete bedhead solution, the Schrack Seconet IP nurse call system arrived pre-installed in the Cableflow Medical Supply Units, further reducing installation costs and potential site damage.

Synergy Medical Systems Ltd, Units 1-3,s Jenkinstown Business Park, Ravensdale Road, Jenkinstown, County Louth.
T: 00353 (0)1 247 5655