NZEB compliance for new-build apartments

EcoVolt is proud to bring to the Irish market two fully NZEB-compliant heating and ventilation systems for new-build apartments and low-energy housing developments. EcoVolt has been serving the Irish market with innovative market-leading electric heating systems for over a decade.

EV Air achieves ‘NZEB compliance in a box’. The EV Air Exhaust Air Heat Pump (EAHP) provides heating, hot water and ventilation in one unit. This compact EAHP unit has been designed by EcoVolt specifically for the Irish market. The EV Air unit provides heating to radiators or UFH systems, domestic hot water (100L/150L options) and continuous mechanical extract ventilation. The design includes balancing extract air with incoming air during heat pump cycles to avoid over-ventilation of the property.

Specification of EcoVolt’s market-leading products for heating, hot water and ventilation is a cost-effective and easy way to install an NZEB-compliant system for new-build apartments. EV Heat is a combination of the EcoVolt EV Rads, H20 DHW Heat Pump and MVHR. The EV Heat system is perfect for builders and developers looking for a dry heating solution that reduces plumbing works on site. EcoVolt EV Heat is an energy-efficient, plug-and-play solution which provides comfort and a healthy indoor environment to occupants.

All EcoVolt systems can be controlled remotely through free-to-use apps and no additional hub is required to turn a property into a smart home. The systems allow for complete control and monitoring of energy use.

Total peace of mind 

The EcoVolt Specification Team will work with developers, consultants and M&E contractors to ensure the correct systems have been specified to achieve NZEB compliance. Their team of highly experienced professionals will provide support at all stages of a project, from design right through to commissioning. EcoVolt offers designers, builders and installers the expertise and on-site support required for total peace of mind.

EcoVolt Ltd. is an award-winning, innovative heating and ventilation manufacturer and supplier. The company is headquartered in Rosemount Business Park, Dublin. For over a decade, EcoVolt has been providing the Irish market with cutting-edge energy-efficient heating products. EcoVolt distributes products through nationwide networks of merchants across Ireland. EcoVolt products are also available in the UK and Europe.

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