LAI to continue championing sector

The Lighting Association of Ireland (LAI) had a very successful 2022 and looks forward with confidence, notwithstanding the unpredictable impact of world events, to an equally successful year in 2023.

The incredible pace of lighting technology developments continues unabated and, while it brings many advantages and opportunities, the challenge lies in ensuring that lighting specifiers, designers and contractors understand and keep abreast of these developments.

Similarly, EU legislation and regulation affecting the lighting sector are also developing at a rapid rate. Here again, the challenge lies not just in the content, but in its interpretation and application.

Hence the importance of LAI has never been greater. Now fully recognised as the representative voice for the industry, LAI has championed the interests of lighting on many fronts. Apart from regular liaison and cooperation with other professional representative bodies in construction, LAI also engages with Government bodies and regulatory authorities such as the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

Indeed, the association had a major LAI Pavilion at the SEAI Energy Show 2022, and the intention is to do something similar at the 2023 event in March. LAI also has a very strong education programme. Education and training are now more important than ever due to the skills shortage on the one hand and the need for CPD points and continuous professional development on the other. The fact that the lighting design DIALux Academy courses last Spring were booked out reflects not just the demand, but also the value of this programme.

Details of the next course, scheduled for the first quarter of 2023, will be announced shortly. Further strengthening the dissemination of vital lighting-related information, LAI has unveiled a new logo and a redesigned website. It is freely accessible and contains a vast reservoir of critical information on industry news, design guidance, project profiles, regulation updates and PDF-format articles from leading industry experts.

“As the foregoing illustrates, LAI is not just a reactionary body but a proactive organisation and strong lobbyist at both national and international level,” commented LAI Chairman Gearóid McKenna. “Through our very active membership of LightingEurope we contribute to, and influence, EU legislation affecting lighting. We have delegates on many important LightingEurope committees, while Gabriel Byrne, an LAI founding member, is now on the Executive Board of LightingEurope.

“For 2023 and beyond, we look forward to championing the interests of the lighting industry on all fronts, and to promote and strengthen its position within the framework and ambitions of Irish and EU sustainability legislation.”

World of light

The Lighting Association of Ireland are a representative group of people who have an interest in the design, manufacture, distribution, and installation of lighting in Ireland. The LAI welcomes all those who are interested in any aspect of the world of light, lighting and its applications. Lighting designers, consulting engineers, researchers, students, professors, manufacturers and sales staff all contribute, and all are members of the LAI.
There are currently 29 members within the association and delegates who sit on various committees within the electrical industry.

Passion for lighting

Lighting Association of Ireland (LAI) chair, Gearóid McKenna started his new position at the end of 2021. He is Managing Director of Task LED and has over 40 years of experience in the lighting industry. Gearóid shows a keen interest in circular product design, which focuses on the development of methods and tools that enable the design of products that are used more than once.

“I feel that the energy-saving revolution from LEDs is particularly important. We have 50% energy savings across the  board and now it is really evolving from that. The first eight years of the LED revolution were about energy savings and now it is all about developing and using light sensors,” he commented.
“Good design is very important here and we fully support that philosophy. As an association, we are very conscious of outdoor lighting in public grounds, for example, where the light is beaming up, and we need to be careful about protecting the trees and insects in the area.”

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This is article is featured in Ireland’s Electrical Magazine, issue 95 Feb-Mar. See the full publication here!