IT infrastructure for harsh Industry 4.0 environments

DIGITUS® offer network infrastructure systems that withstand adverse conditions for IIoT, smart factories, M2M and OT…

ASSMANN Electronic GmbH (under the DIGITUS brand) has developed a product series consisting of IT infrastructure components that have been designed especially for use in demanding industrial environments.

In manufacturing sites machines and devices are often affected by dust, dirt, temperature fluctuations, or vibrations. The same applies to the technology that is crucial for the use of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operation Technology) network technology.

This technology is necessary for the exchange of data and the power supply to the devices. In Industry 4.0, it must be protected from interference or specially designed for this purpose.
ASSMANN Electronic also offers solutions for server, network and peripheral infrastructure. These include copper and fibre-optic components for structured cabling as well as active network components.

DIGITUS’ sturdy steel, upright cabinets protect the network technology for indoor use (art. no. DN-19 24U-l-6/ 8-1). They also have IP 55 protection class and protect the installed IT infrastructure from moisture ingress.

This cabinet series is pre-destined for building control electronics for industrial plants or control and switching systems in the automation field.

The wall-mounted cabinets with protection class IP 55 provide protection against dust and dirt (art. no. DN-19 07U I-OD). The cabinets have been developed for industrial applications and are even suitable for outdoor use.

With the appropriate accessories in 19″ format from DIGITUS®, the network  distribution  cabinet  serves optimally as an EDP switch cabinet for industrial de­ vices with DIN rail mounting, such as switches or PoE injectors.

Technical Features:
– IP40, IP54 and IP55 Protection Class
– Withstands -40 to 85C temperature range

For maximum reliability in harsh conditions, DIGITUS’ flat industrial Gigabit Switch is a recommended alternative during temperature fluctuations (art. no. DN-651126). The robust switch with Gigabit Ethernet speed and five ports can withstand temperatures from -40 to +85C. Thanks to an integrated terminal on the metal housing, it is DIN rail-compatible, in other words, suitable for DIN rail mounting. This development means that the switch can be placed on a standardised DIN rail in control boxes or controlled cabinets. In addition, the product is IP 40 certified and performs a redundant power supply that keeps connected devices operating in the event of a circuit failure.

The Gigabit Media Converter (art. no. DN-652101) offers high reliability for Industrial data transmission. It efficiently converts wire-based network signals into fast fibre-optic signals. Another advantage is that the converter bridges several kilometers of copper cabling so that the entire  network cabling does not have to be changed.

The wide range of the DIGITUS® brand enables the installation of system solutions designed to meet high demands on the network infrastructure – all from a single source for over 50 years.

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