Innovative lighting systems

Downlights for refurbishments, versatility with Switch Connect, Night Eye Floodlights and the OCTO WiZ from Ansell. Here’s our guide to the latest innovative lighting systems available across Ireland right now….

Night Eye Ultra LED-X Floodlights

This rust-resistant range of LED-X PIR-floodlights offers exceptional quality. With a combination of polycarbonate body and reflector, marine-grade aluminium heat sink and 316 stainless steel brackets and screws, this range is ideal for coastal areas and installations subject to the rigours of the British and Irish weather. With its 180-degree PIR detection angle, manual over-ride facility, parallel switching + slave terminal, a further 4 x LEDXPIRN products can be wired to enable any detector to turn ON all the lights connected. Long-life – up to 30,000 hours.

Cetus 3

Easy to install, modify and tailored to clients’ needs, Thorn’s Cetus downlight is ideal for refurbishments. An extended bezel allows the three sizes to cover all ceiling cut-outs from 95mm to 230mm. Unlike other colour/lumen changing downlights, Cetus can be modified from below with a flat headed screwdriver. Installers can simply select the appropriate lumen output and colour temperature with a single rotation of the inner centre plate.

Night Eye LED PIR Floodlights

Upgrades to this popular floodlight range includes a discreet (hidden) 180° PIR detector with a 10m detection range and a slave terminal for control of up to 100W extra LED lighting. A maximum of four floodlights can now be wired in parallel to enable any detector to turn ON all lights connected. With compact design, greater lumen output and Fast-Fix simple plug-in pin connection for quick and easy installation, the new LED100/200E range is a quality choice for new and existing installations.

ROBUS Connect

Control all Robus Connect products in your home via SWITCH CONNECT BLE Wall Switch. The switch can be easily attached to any wall in your home with no wiring required or you can choose to transport it between rooms. With an unlimited number of settings, Robus Connect has never been easier. Head over to the company’s website to check out the Connect full range of Smart Home products.



Night Eye Pro Floodlights

With plug and play PIRs and photocells, this range of UK-designed LED floodlights won’t leave you in the dark. Instant safety and lighting control is paramount, and some versions even have remote control for multiple on/off switch options. The polycarbonate, prismatic front LED lens further enhances your lighting control – ideal for specific area uses such as food preparation areas or grain control. A truly professional range offering mix and match options to cover all type of installations. With 30,000 hours of life, this is a long-life, low-maintenance floodlight.

OCTO WiZ Connected

Ansell Lighting’s easy-to-use wirelessly controllable lighting solution gives users complete control of their luminaires via an intuitive app or smart accessories. OCTO WiZ is perfect for residential, retail, or commercial environments. This smart technology gives you complete control over your lighting, from grouping fittings in a rooms or space, settings timers, scenes, and utilising circadian rhythm, OCTO is a complete smart lighting solution. Utilising WiZ technology, OCTO delivers the complete smart lighting package.