HAGER’S CONTRACTOR SPOTLIGHT: Shane Casey Electrical Services

In the latest edition of Hager's Contractor Spotlight, we talk to Shane Casey, owner of Shane Casey Electrical Services based in Macroom, Co. Cork...

Shane Casey, Shane Casey Electrical Services.

Can you tell us about your company?
Shane Casey Electrical Services is a team of eight employees. We started in 2012 and focus mainly on commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

What influenced you into taking on an electrical apprenticeship?
I have been very hands-on from an early age and have always enjoyed working with tools. I first started out in the plumbing industry but always had a passion to move into the electrical trade, so I completed an electrical apprenticeship and instantly knew this was the industry I wanted to pursue a long-term career in. 

What inspired you to start up your own company?
I always had the hunger to be doing my own thing and I’m highly motivated. It also helped having very supportive parents, who have helped me get to where I am today along with my wife and two children.

What advice would you give to an apprentice electrician starting out in the industry?
Always do it for the right reasons. If you want to learn and expand your skillset, then it’s a great trade to be in because there’s a range of different pathways you can take. For example, I have many friends who pursued careers in electrical engineering after completing their apprenticeships. It’s also an industry that is continuously changing, so my advice would be to never stop learning in order to keep up with industry standards and advancing technologies.

What area of the industry is your niche?
We mainly focus on commercial work and we’re always trying to secure and work on bigger projects.

Have you remained busy during the pandemic?
Luckily, yes – we have been busy because much of our work was already confirmed and in place. During the very first lockdown, all businesses were closed but once things slowly started to open again, I was able to have all staff members working throughout.

What type of jobs have you been mostly working on during the last 12 months?
We’ve been involved in a broad range of commercial and industrial projects. We’re also currently working on two residential sites for developers, so we’ve got lots in the pipeline.

Do you think the pandemic has impacted on the type of work (in a good or bad way) that you’re being asked to do?
Being an employer in the middle of a pandemic was stressful for everyone involved as nobody knew what to expect. Looking ahead, I don’t think trade industries are going to be affected over the next couple of years in Ireland. Usually January would be our quietest month of the year but in the first week of January we received three sets of drawings for new projects.

What do you value most in a manufacturer?
The quality of the product is our number one priority, and the available literature is also extremely important to us. Hager’s “Wired for Change” leaflet has proved to be an effective guide as the new I.S.10101 regulations are being implemented. Hager has a comprehensive catalogue which includes a wide range of products and technical information, from Klik commercial lighting control to Univers enclosures, along with protective devices and wiring accessories for both domestic and commercial use.

What do you like best about Hager?
The team at Hager are extremely reliable, I have regular and open communication with Brendan, the area sales engineer, and I know I can contact the in-house technical team at Hager for any technical support I require.

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