Esylux – protection around the clock

Esylux is globally renowned for its intelligent automation and lighting controls. Core Distribution, part of the Core Electrical Group, is the sole distribution partner for Esylux in the Irish market. The award-winning distributor are well renowned across Ireland for distributing market-leading high-quality products through their extensive network of electrical wholesalers to contractors. Dealing with specifiers and contractors to create demand, Core pride themselves on offering the best service possible. A large stock holding of close to €2M across their two bases means you can rely on Core Distribution to ensure quick delivery to every project across Ireland.

The motion detectors from the Esylux Defensor series are not only stylishly designed and easy to install, but they also feature first-class functionality that delivers safety, convenience, and energy efficiency. 

The various products within the range offer a host of options for flexible yet precise control of outdoor lighting, including time-dependent operating modes, intelligent vandalism and sabotage protection functions, and switch-off delay times based on motion direction, alongside high overvoltage protection and password protection against unauthorised parameterisation. 

Durability is also a given, thanks to zero-cross switching to protect the relay from the high in-rush currents of LEDs, and particularly high overvoltage protection.

Intelligent vandalism and sabotage protection

Outdoor motion detectors can only enhance protection around a building if they are adequately protected against external influences – such as extreme temperatures, water, and dust, as well as vandalism or sabotage. 

That is why the 280° and 230° variants of the Defensor motion detectors feature intelligent vandalism and sabotage protection that is designed to keep everything safe. The lighting stays switched on permanently if the sensor head is knocked off by a forceful impact, turning the spotlight on the perpetrator.

The entire Defensor series benefits from several enhanced protective measures. A personal password prevents unauthorised parameterisation, the devices offer IK07 impact resistance and IP55 protection, and the overvoltage protection fully exceeds the standard minimum requirements. The integrated push button input allows the user to manually switch on the light from inside the building to temporarily light up the area outside. Zero-cross switching protects the relay when LED lights are operated.


For the full feature, see Electrical Magazine issue 93 here.