Delivering efficiency from the field to the office with simPRO

Solv Director, Lauren McDonald, explains how simPRO’s field service management software has benefited business...

As a simPRO customer for nearly four years, Irish-based HVAC business Solv, has seen first-hand the difference an end-to-end field service management software can make to business operations, visibility and profitability.

While the business specialises in heating and installation servicing, Solv also provides plumbing, electrical and facilities management solutions. With this diverse service offering and more than 20 staff, Solv knows the importance of streamlined workflows, clear communication between staff and efficient processes to deliver exceptional service. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits Solv has gained from implementing simPRO.

Before simPRO: The challenges
Before implementing simPRO in 2017, Solv Director Lauren McDonald, said the business juggled a combination of different systems to manage operations. While this provided a workable solution in the short-term, as the business grew, the disparate systems and lack of visibility started causing bottlenecks in workflows.

“We used a bespoke system that was powered by a database platform. We used paper certification and a PDA system powered by Microsoft,” Lauren said.

“We were finding it more and more difficult to get what we wanted from our software and having to get bolt-on solutions for our requirements was no longer feasible.

“An area that I’m very passionate about is innovation and making technology work for the business, not against. Before simPRO we used a lot of separate programs to try and move with the times, but it just got too difficult to manage.”

It was then that Solv, a business passionate about providing accessible and personal service, knew it was time to upgrade their processes. Lauren explained that there were a variety of features that led the business to choose simPRO.

“We loved the idea of being able to access the software from anywhere,” she said.
“This came along with the reassurance that our data would be safe and we no longer had to rely on a large server.”

Field capability and unique branding opportunities were also a large part of the decision to implement simPRO.

“We were very interested in designing our own forms, so naturally we were extremely excited about eForms which complements simPRO Mobile for our field operatives,” she added.

But general capabilities weren’t the only things the HVAC business was looking for. Solv was also looking for a solution which was fluid in its development.

“A big part of our decision was knowing there was a team that works on updates and that the software is ever evolving,” continued Lauren. After implementing simPRO: The results After implementing simPRO Lauren said bottlenecks in processes became a thing of the past. However, this was just one of the many benefits Solv experienced.

“I find the software has made everyone more accountable for their responsibilities.”
“Our customers also have a better experience as they are not having to wait for paperwork to feed through to the office.” And, as anticipated, the field functionality is benefiting all in the business.

“What the field operatives find so great is that all the information for the customer and job requirements is there in the app along with the map tool,” Lauren explained.

“They’re able to manage their own stock and the fact they can raise their own order numbers is very useful as it saves both in the field and the office.”

At the same time Solv implemented simPRO, the business also made the change to accounting software Xero. Solv was able to seamlessly integrate Xero with simPRO, providing a complete field service management solution.

“The change has been phenomenal, everything is just so user friendly and transparent,” Lauren said.

And, with everything in one place, Solv has more visibility of their business than ever before.

“For me it’s definitely the transparency and the reporting functions,” she concluded.

“I have many reports scheduled, daily reports on certain jobs, weekly activity reporting, monthly profit and loss and new customer reports. “Having all of our information stored in the software we know exactly where to look if we need certain information.”

Lauren’s word of advice for those considering simPRO?
“Make the move, you won’t regret it. I understand changing software is a daunting task but we have not looked back since our move. We have had, and continue to have, a very positive experience and relationship with simPRO.”

simPRO is a leading field service management software for service, maintenance and project contractors. Connect the office to the field, deliver exceptional customer service and gain invaluable insights with automated processes, streamlined workflows and in-depth business reporting.

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