CP Electronics launches OEM brochure

Lighting manufacturers are being urged to pay greater attention to lighting control detectors, in order to pass on improved energy savings to customers.

That’s the advice from CP Electronics, as it unveils its new dedicated OEM brochure, designed specifically to address the needs of the OEM market. The document outlines the company’s wide range of lighting control detectors and systems, which are designed to help OEMs maximise the energy efficiency of their product offering.

According to CP, controlling lighting with a presence detector can save up to 60% of lighting energy costs dependent on occupancy behaviour and the amount of natural light available. This makes detectors the ideal accompaniment for LED lighting, a market which the 2016 Global Lighting Report  estimates will grow by $16 billion between now and 2020. Growth is expected to be driven by key factors including the falling price of LEDs, the phasing out of conventional lighting products, and rising industrial demand for efficient lighting.

While LEDs by nature of design pass on cost and energy savings, lighting controls can further optimise these savings. Simply having a luminaire which requires less wattage than an incandescent light bulb will deliver savings, but these can be greatly increased by presence detectors, which switch and dim the lights off when rooms are unoccupied.

CP Electronics has been working closely with lighting manufacturers for over 18 years, delivering luminaire integration, branding/ product purchase and project management and execution. Through heavy investment in research and development, design innovation as at the heart of CP Electronics’ offering.  Lighting control products by CP are made with the user in mind. The company’s specialist OEM division takes an integrated approach to working with OEMs, partnering with them through consultation, project scoping, specification, and testing to ensure that every solution delivered meets exact requirements. The new brochure launched by the business demonstrates a variety of detectors currently being used by OEMs, which have been specially designed for purpose.

Gary Pearson, OEM/Export Sales Manager at CP Electronics, commented: ‘By working with lighting manufacturers and OEMs for a number of years, we have developed a truly comprehensive methodology which enables us to get to the heart of the needs of their customers. The brochure gives a clear picture of what we can offer and where our solutions to date have proven successful.

“We integrate our business with our OEM customers to ensure that any product they purchase from us is absolutely fit for purpose to allow OEMs to provide the very best integrated solutions to their customers, passing on maximum energy savings.”

For further information, visit www.cpelectronics.co.uk/oem