AEW and WEEE Ireland relaunch their WEEE Recycling campaign

The Association of Electrical Wholesalers (AEW) continues to work with WEEE Ireland to promote the recycling of waste light fittings and waste lamps through their 130 outlets nationwide.

In particular, the AEW encourages all electrical contractors to use the WEEE recycling facilities at their local electrical wholesaler’s premises.

The AEW is delighted to announce that their members will be providing improved recycling facilities this year right across the country so that all electrical contractors will have the opportunity to safely dispose of hazardous waste such as light fittings, fluorescent tubes and CFLs. 

“Everybody in the electrical industry has a responsibility to do their bit to save the planet and one simple way to do that is to return waste lighting to your nearest electrical wholesaler”, commented AEW administrator Ken Legros.

“Electrical contractors are a vital cog in the recycling wheel and the AEW will be working closely with the contractor associations via the EIFI to encourage electrical contractors to recycle everything through AEW wholesalers.”

Recycling tips

• Separate lamps from fittings before placing the WEEE in the recycling bins.

• Remove all packaging from WEEE before placing it in the recycling bins.

• Place all WEEE carefully in the appropriate recycling bins to avoid breakages and contamination.

For more information about recycling best practices, please visit the WEEE Ireland website: