IEBG welcomes Abbey Electrical and Bellew Electrical

IEBG welcomes Abbey Electrical and Bellew Electrical

Set to enjoy the many benefits of being a member of the Irish Electrical Buying Group (IEBG), Abbey Electrical in Donegal and Bellew Electrical, with four outlets around the country, joined the group in January this year.

Greater access to suppliers and market-leading products are just two of the advantages of joining the IEBG, along with access to the IEBG’s extensive support network. Ken Legros, Administrator at the IEBG, is delighted to welcome the two new members.

“The two new additions bring the total number of members up from 15 to 17 and this also brings the number of branches up from 23 to 28. South West Wholesale and TEF were the last members to join the group back in January 2014, and the group felt that now was an ideal time to expand the IEBG further, given the buoyancy in the Irish market over the last 12 months or so.” Ken and the other members of the IEBG believe the two new members will significantly increase the group’s buying power and thereby help the group maintain its competitiveness.

“The two new members will also greatly enhance the IEBG group’s geographical coverage of the country, with an IEBG branch now in almost every county in Ireland. They will create a different dynamic within the group and hopefully bring some fresh ideas too.”


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