Flexibility and savings from Wago

Flexibility and savings from Wago

Two SMD PCB terminal block variants from WAGO offer engineers unrivalled flexibility while maximising time savings and minimising space.

Used with LED modules and optical systems, the 2075 Series and 2065 Series incorporate push-wire connection for quick, hands-free wiring.

The 2075 Series through-board SMD PCB terminal block allows installers to connect conductors on the back of the LED modules, vertically to the PCB, while maximising space for light distribution. With no housing and at 3.9mm high, it is extremely compact, minimising on-board LED shadowing. This makes it ideal for linear and square LED modules, as well as spotlights. The terminal block accommodates solid conductors with a cross-section ranging from 0.34mm2 to 0.75mm2. Solid conductors can be released from the terminal block with a twist and pull motion.

At 2.7mm tall, WAGO’s 2065 Series SMD PCB terminal block is even more compact for minimal LED shadowing, while accommodating solid and fine-stranded conductors ranging from 0.2mm2 to 0.75mm2. This range encompasses all conductor sizes and types common to LED technology in space- restricted applications.

Most LED applications do not require protection against accidental contact, and so the 2065 Series is designed without an insulated housing to further reduce profile and weight. Solid conductors can be terminated in both variants using WAGO’s Push-in CAGE CLAMP technology simply by pushing them into the unit.

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